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Culinary Arts
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The career path in Culinary Arts will provide students the opportunity to gain these skills in customer service, food preparation, cooking methods and techniques, knife skills, front-and-back-of-the house knowledge and skills.  Gain experience through operating an onsite restaurant and catering business.

It will provide training geared toward potential employment in these fields:
Chef, Sous Chef, Caterer, Pastry Chef, Restaurant Manager, Server, Cook, restaurant positions, hotel positions,  Cruise line positions and any position in the Hospitality, Tourism and Food Service Industry

Students can earn industry certification in…
  • SafeStaff foodhandler’s Certificate
  • ServSafe Certification
  • ProStart National Certificate of Achievement
The six core courses in this career training are…

1.  Culinary Arts 1 - This course covers the history of the food service industry and careers in that industry.  Also covered are safety in the workplace; employability skills; leadership/teamwork skills; care and use of commercial culinary equipment; basic food science; basic nutrition; and following recipes in food preparation labs.

2 Culinary Arts 2 - In this course students will learn state mandated guidelines for food service; how to attain food handler training certification; and perform front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house duties.  Students will prepare quality food products and present them creatively; demonstrate safe, sanitary work procedures; understand food science principles related to cooking and baking; and utilize nutrition concepts when planning meals/menus.

3.  Culinary Arts 3 - In this course the student will research career opportunities in professional cooking/baking; follow guidelines on food selection, purchasing, and storage; and use communication skills.  Students will prepare and present a variety of advanced food products; create centerpieces; and research laws specific to the hospitality industry.  Also covered are management skills; how to develop a business plan; and utilization of technology in the workplace.  Students will be knowledgeable about food safety manager training/certification training programs that are acceptable in Florida.

4.  Culinary Arts 4 – In this course students will prepare various meals and food products including those for individuals with various nutritional needs and/or dietary restrictions.  The relationship between nutrition and wellness will be examined.  Cost control techniques and profitability will be covered as well as analysis of food establishment menus.  Students will also demonstrate basic financial literacy skills.

5.  Culinary & Hospitality Specialties 1 – This course includes food safety and sanitation; workplace safety; using social networking as a marketing tool; entrepreneurship; the correlation between food and science; and catering.  Food preparation activities are throughout the course and the culmination of the course is a capstone project.

6.  Culinary & Hospitality Specialties 2 - This course includes the utilization of technology in the hospitality industry; sustainability; leadership and teamwork; recognition of special dietary needs; and catering activities.  Food preparation activities at an advanced level are throughout the course and the culmination of the course is a capstone project.


  • Certified ProStart Culinary Program
  • Participate in Catering Opportunities
  • Participate in Culinary Competitions
  • Participate in community service projects to include “The Community Garden.”
Business Partnerships:
  • TBA
Post-Secondary Options:
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Art Institute of Tampa
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Keiser University

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