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South County Exceptional Center is a separate school located on the same campus as South County Career Center. We provide extra supports and assistance in a therapeutic environment for students who have an Emotional/Behavioral Disability. We consist of 4 units; one for each subject area (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science). Each classroom is assigned a paraprofessional who assists with the students’ learning. We also have an additional Paraprofessional to assist with coverage and supervision. Housed within the center are a school resource officer and the ESE Specialist who are on call to assist teachers if necessary. Each class consists of a low student to teacher ratio. All students at South County Exceptional Center are working toward earning a typical 18 credit diploma. We also have additional staff support with an onsite full and part time administrator, social worker, behavior coach, and IEP Counselor.

To ensure student success, we utilize a strict behavior management program called the level system. The students earn daily points that are used not only toward individual incentives, but also used as means to move up the level system to reach level 5. Once a student has worked to achieve this level and “level out” he/she may either continue their education on the career side of the campus or return to his/her neighborhood school. Many students choose to remain at South County Exceptional Center due to the smaller class size and extra supportive atmosphere.

January 2017: South County Exceptional Center received 1000.00 in incentive money. This money went toward video games, outside activities, and sports equipment. The students voted on a new basketball and hoop. In the pictures, some students are playing basketball with our SRO, Officer Garrett and a paraprofessional, Jay.


The staff members take great pride in the successes and achievements of the students who are placed with us here at South County Exceptional Center.

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Meet Our Staff! To reach us, call 813-233-3335

Lynn Loughlin-Haynes
ESE Specialist
EBD Science
Cary Strom
EBD Social Studies
Billy Brummitt
EBD Math
Jennifer Jones
EBD English
Penny Bailey and Barbara Miller
EBD Elementary
Lanaye Wilson
Para 2
Robert Trevino
Para 2
Jasmin Allen
Para 2
Bruce Stinson
Para 2

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The EBD Center has a new incentive room!!! All students who are level 2 and up have the opportunity to participate in the fun. So far we have 2 gaming chairs, a WiiU, an X-Box, and many video games. The students had so much fun getting to try out the new games. As time goes on, we will continue to add more fun incentives for the students.